2D CAD Design

Our CAD drafting services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work that is accurate, on time, and cost-effective. We cover all aspects of 2D CAD Design and use the latest software to create accurate and detailed drawings that meet our clients’ specifications. We also offer 3D CAD Design services if this is more suited to your requirements.

What is 2D CAD?

There are 2 underlying Computer-Aided Design systems. 2D CAD focuses on 2D Draughting and Technical Drawings. Software such as Draftsight and AutoCAD is used to produce these 2D drawings in a DWG or DXF format. 2D Drawings are used for General Assemblies (GA), Schematics and Architectural Plans.

A screen shot of a computer screen showing a drawing.
A CAD drawing of a floor plan for a building.

What are 2D CAD Drawing Services used for?

There are a number of applications where 2D drafting and technical drawings are used. 2D CAD Drawings are predominantly used by the construction and building services industries. We are able to provide our engineering and CAD Expertise to help you develop the following Schematics:

  • M&E
  • P&ID
    • Process Flow Drawings (PFD)
    • Piping Material Specifications (PMS)
    • Equipment and Instrumentation Specifications (EIS)
    • Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS)
  • Architectural floor plans and elevations
    • Topological surveys and mapping
    • Factory floor layouts
    • Production line layout and planning
  • Flat patterns for laser cutting and sheet metal work components
  • Redline mark-up corrections and As Built revisions
  • PDF to AutoCAD Conversion

M&E Drawings – Mechanical and Electrical Drawings

M&E Drawings or more commonly referred to as MEP Drawings are used for the installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing building services. Although increasing produced in 3D using Revit, some projects still require 2D Drawings as well.

P&ID – Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

P&ID drawings shows the piping and related components of a physical process flow. Usually with regard to chemical or mechanical process used to control plant and manufacturing facilities. we are able to produce the schematics and documentation required for these projects.

Architectural Floor Plans and Elevations

Twenty20 Engineering is able to produce floorplans and elevations for planning approval from residential through to commercial properties. We are also able to include topological and survey data within these schematics to create a wider picture of a site. More detail can added to include building envelope and façade systems. We are also able to produce schematics for factory floors and production lines to help with production planning and streamlining processes as well.

Redline Mark-Ups and As Built Revisions

Twenty20 Engineering is able to take 2D Schematics which have been marked up during the construction phase and update the documents to reflect what has been built and installed. This is an essential step in producing O&M (Operations & Maintenance) Manuals.

PDF to AutoCAD Conversions

We are able to take your PDF drawings whether digital or paper and scan them through a bespoke piece of software to create a DWG drawing ready for AutoCAD. For best results we recommend a digital PDF, as paper quality, marks and fold lines can effect outcomes in this process.     

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A 3d model of a metal plate with blue squares.

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