3D CAD Design

Our CAD drafting services are tailored to meet your specific needs and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work that is accurate and cost effective. Our team of experienced CAD designers use the latest CAD software such as SolidWorks. 

What is 3D CAD?

3D CAD has drastically improved the design of products and projects. Not only is the CAD data dimensionally correct but additional information can be attributed to the model such as material and weight. Once the model has been produced other processes can be carried out such as a structural analysis using FEA to improve the characteristics of the design or photorealistic renders.

Bespoke coordinate data can be included into the model, to improve cooperation between multiple stakeholders for example on a construction project. This allows the model to be imported into the wider project model in the correct space, aiding collaboration.

A trade show booth with a table and chairs.
A metal box on a pallet in a factory.

What's the difference between 3D and 2D Services?

There are 2 fundamental CAD Systems, 2D Drafting and 3D modelling (including the developed 2D drawings). 3D modelling is standard practice when it comes to engineering design. A 3D CAD model will be made of parts and assemblies that have 3 axes in X,Y & Z, where as 2D CAD only has X & Y. a simple example would be that this is the difference between a square and a cube.

What is 3D CAD Modelling used for ?

Twenty20 Engineering Ltd uses the latest version of Solidworks for most of its engineering design projects, unless we are carrying out structural steel design and detailing. We use Solidworks for all of our general fabrication, sheet metal work and CNC machining projects.

Most of our designs start life as a 3D CAD model, even though the manufacturing drawings are 2D. As this is the most efficient way of creating and producing the drawings, as it helps with issues such as clash detection and avoidance. Single parts to very complex assemblies can be modelled, with changes to the design of one part producing an automated cascade into the associated assembly and drawings which are then automatically updated.

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Twenty20 Engineering uses 3D CAD to help with the engineering design of:

A CAD drawing showing the design of a pillar.

Why use Twenty20 Engineering For Your 3D CAD Drawings?

We have extensive experience using Solidworks for 3D modelling and engineering design. As part of our service we provide fixed priced quotes for standalone projects as well as retainer contracts for ongoing support.

We help businesses with product design and development services. We work with start-ups and established businesses to help them bring their products to market quickly and efficiently. We help them with all aspects of product development, from initial concept through to the final product.

We have a team of experienced cad designers, drafters, and product design engineers who can help you with your product development needs. We can offer CAD Design in Liverpool, Wirral and across the UK. Get in touch today and discuss your project.

A computer screen showing a 3d model of a pillar.

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P&ID drawings shows the piping and related components of a physical process flow. Usually with regard to chemical or mechanical process used to control plant and manufacturing facilities. we are able to produce the schematics and documentation required for these projects.