Structural Steel Detailing Services

What is structural steel detailing?

Structural Steel Detailing is the drafting process used to produce and assist in the fabrication of hot and cold rolled steel sections. A steel detailer will work with a structural engineer and architect to produce a 3D CAD model and set of 2D fabrication drawings from which the steel work can be manufactured.

Twenty20 Engineering uses Tekla Structures to produce the CAD models and drawings, which can be correctly coordinated to be used as part of a BIM (Building Information Modelling) System for collaboration with project stakeholders on a construction project.

What is structural steel detailing used for?

Twenty20 Engineering uses Tekla Structures to produce 3D CAD Models and associated GA (General Assembly) and fabrication drawings for a wide variety of projects. Structural steel detailing is the specific process of creating drawings to be used by customers and fabricators to correctly manufacture the steel members used within a construction project.

The drawings will specify section size, length and hole locations for example. The drawings will also be used by the steel erectors who install the steel on the customer project. Most structural steel detailing projects are one off’s as each project is unique.

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Types of steel detailing work that we undertake include:

What is structural steel detailing?

At Twenty20 Engineering we use Tekla Structures, as our preferred steel detailing package. We will then work closely with fabricators, architects, structural engineers and steel erectors to ensure the project outcome is successful.

We will set out the steel work 3D model from the architects drawings, and size the steel sections in accordance with the structural engineers report. From this we will produce a GA (General Assembly) drawing for approval. Once approved and in collaboration with the project stakeholders we will provide the connection detailing and produce the fabrication drawings.

We are also able to coordinate the 3D Model as part of a BIM Model (Building Information Modelling) to improve coordination between stakeholders and ensure a smoother project process and successful outcome.

Twenty20 Engineering Ltd is able to provide:

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